Curious Nyela

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” – William Arthur Ward

          There are many things in life that makes me think very deeply about. My parents told me about how curious I have always been ever since I was a little girl. As the quote mentioned above says, I believe that the first step of learning about something is by being curious about it. I love seeing new things because this means I would have more to think, explore, and learn about. In this entry, I will be sharing with you three of the things which I would want to know more about.

  • Make it or Bake it


Source: IVH Yellow Pages

          My family and I have always been fond of food. We always make sure to eat out every Sunday if possible. I, together with my mom and my sister, am always looking for recipes online and cook them for the family. However, I have always wanted to learn how to bake. Recently, my sister and I have been trying to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies (as shown in the image below)  but we can not seem to find the perfect recipe for it. This is what made me want to explore more about baking. Someday, I would like to learn how to bake not only the perfect cookies, but also the perfect cakes and cupcakes.
          I, personally, think that baking is a form of art where a person can express his/her feelings through designing and decorating the pastries. This is something that everyone must try because it will help one to become more patient and challenge one’s creativity.

  • Wonders of Wandering


Source: Rebloggy

          Traveling has got to be one of most favourite things that I love doing. As cliché as it sounds, my ultimate goal is to be able to travel the world.
          For me, travelling is not only about exploring places, it is also about exploring people and their culture. Getting to know more about how they do certain things and being able to taste their food. I want to be able to experience life as a local of the place that I am in. Discovering new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things are only some of the reasons why I love to travel. I have been to some places but my dream destinations would be Paris, Tokyo, Greece, Seoul, London, Maldives, and Italy.
          When I grow up and am able to earn enough money, I would definitely travel the world and I advise you to do so, too. We must spend more on experiences rather than material things because material things usually just go out of trend or be broken but the memories of the experiences we had will last.

  • Hush Little Baby

52_resize          Just about four months ago, God blessed us with an additional member of our family. Since then, I felt that our family became closer and happier because of Baby Nate. We all love him very much and we even constantly fight about who will be carrying him. I am pretty sure that when he turns six months, we will be fighting over about who will feed him.
          When he was just born until his second month, all he did was sleep and cry. Whenever he cries, we, especially me, always panic. I always wonder what he feels, I do not know whether he is hungry, tired, or needs his diaper to be changed. But when he turned three months old, I think that he already recognizes everyone. I am very happy because until now, he always smiles whenever he sees me. He also knows how to laugh already when we make funny faces or sing and dance for him. He is also starting to learn how to mumble some words. And I can’t wait for him to say his first word!
          Recently, I have always wanted to learn more about babies because of Nate. I have always thought about what they think about, what they feel, what they dream about, and more. I personally find this interesting because there are so many things that he develops each day.


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