Learning More About Baking

Can baking improve one’s mental health?

After a lot of researches done, I found out that baking can in fact improve a person’s mental health. This is because baking is a meditative, creative, and nourishing activity. It stimulates one’s senses and makes people happier.

First, baking is meditative because it takes your attention away from other things. By just doing the basic steps such as weighing out butter and sugar, it creates space in the mind and it eases negative thinking. Secondly, designing the frosting, decorating the cupcakes, and shaping cookies requires one to expose his/her creativity within. Next, baking can stimulate the senses by feeling the flour, by hearing the blender, or by the smell of the final product, this results to the releasing of feel-good endorphins. This leads us to the next reason – baking makes people happier. By baking, the baker can share his/her happiness with others too. This is through giving whatever one bakes to others. Preparing food such as baking is nourishing due to the fact that when one makes what he/she eats, he/she would be able to control the ingredients that goes into his/her food.


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