Brits On Baking vs Buying

Why do the British prefer baking breads and pastries rather than buying?

There are benefits to baking your own breads and pastries rather than buying them. First, you will be able to control the ingredients that you put into whatever you are making. Next, it actually costs less money to make them than to buy them. Lastly, by making it, one will be able to experience the fun of baking and also get to share the joy with others.

As we all know, Britain has become more of a stay-at-home nation, with consumers’ prioritising home-based activities as part of their efforts to cut costs, has allowed more men to discover the joys of baking. In fact 68% of British men surveyed say they have baked at home in the last year, and 22% say they bake more now than they did a year ago.

Forty-one million Brits or 79% of adults say they enjoy baking at home, and 22% of home bakers claim to be baking more now compared to a year ago, according to Mintel survey results. Baking at home has increased in recent years as people preferred to save money at home by getting their own hands dirty. The Great British Bakeoff and Masterchef have also contributed to the resurgence of interest in baking. According to Mintel’s survey, 44% of British bakers said they had been inspired by cookery shows to bake more, rising to 54% among the under-25s.


3 thoughts on “Brits On Baking vs Buying

  1. Hi Nyela!

    Is this the research question that you’re going to look into: “Why do the British prefer baking breads and pastries rather than buying?”

    This is interesting; however, it’s too limited to the British that I’m not sure if we will get enough sources on it.

    We have to edit. Since you are interested in baking, let’s stick to the topic but change the focus. Why don’t we make it more personal and research on the best ways to improve baking skills? You can also compare pastry chefs that you admire and look into their recipes. How do they differ in preparing their products? You might want to bake some and give us your insights, too. I think this is more practical and interesting.

    Let me hear from you. Leave me a comment (hopefully, with a research question if you’re okay with my suggestion) and let’s discuss. Thanks!


    • Hi Ms. Rebonquin!
      Thank you for your suggestions 🙂
      I have decided to take your advice and go with the different techniques of different bakers.
      My research question will be “In what way do pastry chefs differ from each other based on their baking techniques?”


      • Okay, but please identify who the pastry chefs will be. You can identify two or three. Your question also only focuses on their differences, and disregards similarities?

        Just identify the chefs and finalize if similarities will be included. Approved!

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