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What are the similarities and differences of pastry chefs based on their baking techniques?

Source: Sugar and Charm

Title: Tips for Baking from a Pastry Chef

Published: June 5 2014

Sarah Lange, a professional pastry chef and the owner of top Best New Restaurants by Los Angeles, The Hart and The Hunter, was interviewed and gave some tips for baking.

Some of the tips which I found the most interesting are the following:

  1. Double the salt. Most of the recipes in cookbooks and in websites I look at tend to put a very little amount of salt. Baked goods also rely on salt just like how salt makes savory food more delicious.
  2. Taste your batter or dough before you bake it. Many people find tasting the batter or dough weird. By doing this, the baker will be able to know the taste of the batter and if there is something lacking before baking it.
  3. Try substituting brown butter in recipes that call for oil. When baking muffins and quick breads will get a richer, nuttier, yummier flavor with brown butter.
  4. Always bake to golden brown. Baked goods always look more delicious when they are golden brown. People tend to find this more appealing since it looks crunchy.
  5. Crumb coat your cake. Although crumb coating your cake takes a lot of time and frosting, it will make your cake look and taste better.
  6.  Make enough frosting. Sometimes, bakers tend to be short on their frostings, which causes the cake to be half covered with frosting and the other half with no frosting at all. Because of lack of frosting, there are also times when the cake will only be coated thinly.

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