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What are the similarities and differences of pastry chefs based on their baking techniques?

Source: The Washington Post

Title: Baking Tips from D.C. Pastry Chefs

Author: David Hagedorn

Published: December 24 2013

The one thing all pastry chefs have in common is organization, so it comes as no surprise that the No. 1 tip offered by seven of the Washington area’s most inventive pastry chefs was to read a recipe all the way through before you begin to bake.

“You have to treat your baked goods like children.” “Give them lots of love, don’t smother them and be patient” , (Westover, Baking Tips from DC Pastry Chefs).

“Always separate your eggs when they’re cold. It’s much easier to do when they are chilled, and it will reduce your chances of breaking the yolk” , (Player, Baking Tips from DC Pastry Chefs).

“Don’t throw out vanilla beans once they’ve been scraped for a recipe. Put them in a small jar and cover them with equal parts rum and vodka. In a few weeks you’ll have a great extract. Or submerge spent vanilla beans in a jar of sugar. They imbue a subtle vanilla flavor that’s great for baking or in your morning coffee” , (Frick, Baking Tips from DC Pastry Chefs).

“If you don’t bake frequently, make sure to throw out old baking powder, yeast and spices. They all lose efficacy over time” , (Chin, Baking Tips from DC Pastry Chefs).

“Bake a cake the day before you want to decorate and serve it. Cool the layers and wrap them in plastic wrap. They will not get stale overnight (the butter, sugar and eggs will keep them moist; that’s their job) and they will set up better and not crumble as easily when you’re icing the cake” “Never wash a rolling pin with water; wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth. Don’t scrub baking sheets or pans with scouring pads. The surfaces will get scratched over time and start sticking to everything. Use a soft plastic abrasive sponge or a loofah” , (Bates, Baking Tips from DC Pastry Chefs).


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