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What are the similarities and differences of pastry chefs based on their baking techniques?

Source: Joy The Baker

Title: Baking 101: Secrets of a Home Baker

Author: Joy Wilson

Published: December 18 2013

Being a baker is a success. When we step out of the kitchen, we should come out with a masterpiece. Joy Wilson, an author and a photographer shares her tips and tricks in baking at home.

Ingredients should be prepared, softened, melted, sifted, and measured before you begin baking. It’s a great opportunity to check out your ingredients, and make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Baking is science, things need to be precise. We should take our time in reading the recipe first. Creaming butter and sugar means that beating them together, using an electric mixer with a paddle attachment. It is also required that the butter we use is at room temperature. Before the sugar gets creamed into the butter, consider whether or not your recipe has any herb or fruit zest. Rub the herb and/or fruit zest into the granulated sugar, releasing all of the essential oils.  This will rub a different level of flavor into our baked goods. In the same way that we’re making the most of our lemon zest and herbs, we can also boost the flavor of out spices!  Most recipes want us to stir our ground spices into the flour and leavening mixture. If we beat the spices into the butter and sugar mixture, the flavors will be dispersed with the butter. It is also helpful to know a few baking equivalents. Also, always have fun in baking. Everything tastes better if you have a good time while making it.


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